Amendment Vote

Please Note: Our Legacy Village website is set up to accept your online vote. The site is https protocol and all transmissions are sent over SSL encryption.  Additionally, a fail-safe is in place utilizing  manual comparisons to avoid duplicate or erroneous voting while tallying the mail in or proxy votes.

YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT!  This Amendment will only become effective upon approval by at least 67% of the Unit Owners.
The purpose of this notification is to announce a vote of an Amendment to the Declaration and By-laws.
We encourage all Homeowners to cast their vote on the Amendments.

Abstaining from voting is the same as voting against.
Kindly review the Amendment language enclosed.

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You will receive an email confirmation via the email confirmation that your vote was correctly submitted and received. Make sure to check your spam folder. 

Amendment Vote

Your Vote is needed to pass this amendment to our documents. Only one vote per household will be counted.
    YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT! This Amendment will only become effective upon approval by at least sixty-seven percent (67%) of the Unit Owners. The Board hereby proposes to Amend the Legacy Village Declaration as stated in amendment language.
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